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Wired Voting System

The wired voting system is suitable for a variety of conferences. With strong conference management functions, it enables voters to complete sign in, voting, electing and other procedures without leaving their seats. Using T-type system connection cable, the voting system is very easy to install.

System Connection Diagram
System Connection Diagram
    1. WirelessVoting Processor HT-8000
    2. Voting Processor HT-8000The voting processor forms the core of the entire voting system. It provides power supply to all voting unit and serves as key component to link system hardware to software control. It can support 150 pieces voting unit and up to 250 units with extension power supply.
    1. Voting Unit HT-8008B/HT-8000C/HT-8000D
    2. Voting Unit HT-8008B/HT-8000C/HT-8000D Power supply: DC24V from processor Consumption rate: <10mw Dimensions: HT-8000B/HT-8000C: 117x110x24mm HT-8000D: 177x110x24mm N.W: HT-8000B/HT-8000C:445g HT-8000D:250g
Ordering Information
  • HT-8000 Voting Processor
  • HT-08EX Conference Extension Unit
  • HT-8000B Voting Unit
  • HT-8000C Voting Unit
  • HT-8000D Voting Unit
  • HT-8PXXM XX meters 8P-DIN Extension Cable
  • HT-8PBR 8P-DIN Branch Cable
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