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HT-6300 Series IR Wireless Language Distribution System

Ordering Information
Infrared Transmitter
  • HT-6300M/04 with inputs for 4 audio channels
  • HT-6300M/06 with inputs for 6 audio channels
  • HT-6300M/08 with inputs for 8 audio channels
  • HT-6300M/12 with inputs for 12 audio channels
Infrared Radiator
  • HT-6300S with wall installation bracket support up to 12 channels audio transmission
Infrared Receivers
  • HT-6300d/04 for 4 audio channels
  • HT-6300d/06 for 6 audio channels
  • HT-6300d/08 for 8 audio channels
  • HT-6300d/12 for 12 audio channels
  • HT-EP110 Earphone for receivers -HT-EP110H Headphone for receivers
System Connection Diagram
  • The receivers can operate with rechargeable NiMH batteries or with disposable batteries. Charging circuitry is incorporated in the receiver.
Interpreter Consoles
  • HT-6300Y/1 for 12 audio channels
  • HT-6300Y/2 for 12 audio channels and 2 interpreters
  • HT-EP210 Headset for Interpreter consoles
Interpreter Extension Cable
  • HT-DB25/1OM: DB2510 meters extension cable (HT-DB25/XXM: XX is cable length)
Charging Equipment
  • HT-6300CG for charging and storing 24 infrared receivers.
Radiator Tripod
  • HT-IRT
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