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HT-8500 Series IR Wireless Conference System

Ordering Information
  • HT-8500M --Conference Main unit
  • HT-8510M --Conference Main unit
  • HT-8500c/HT-8600c --Chairman Microphone
  • HT-8510c/HT-8610c --Chairman Microphone
  • HT-8500d/HT-8600d --Delegate Microphone
  • HT-8510d/HT-8610d --Delegate Microphone
  • HT-8500R --IR Receiver
  • HT-8500T --Distributor
  • HT-8500CG/HT-8600CG -- Charger
  • HT-LIP1/HT-LIP2 --LIP Battery
  • HT-DC18V --Power Adapter
  • HT-8500AT --External Antenna
  • HT-8008 --Video Processor(SD)
Equipment and function list
Function HT-8500M HT-8510M
Model Discuss Video Voting Discuss Video Voting
HT-8500c/d V * V V
HT-8510c/d V * V V V
HT-8600c/d V * V V
HT-8610c/d V * V V V

"V" = Achieve the function without other equipment
"*" = Add HT-8008 video processor to achieve video camera auto-track function

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