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Our Range
    1. IR Wireless Conference System
    2. IR Wireless Conference SystemThe infrared conference system has all the advantages of infrared communication complete with wireless transceiver microphone units.
    1. IR Wireless Language Distribution
    2. IR Wireless Language DistributionThe digital IR language distribution system is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infrared radiation.
    1. Wireless Voting System
    2. Wireless Voting SystemNo Cabling is need for the wireless voting system. It's suitable for meetings without pre-assigned seating arrangements or for temporary systems.
    1. Wired Voting System
    2. Wired Voting SystemThe wired voting system is suitable for a variety of conferences. With strong conference management functions, it enables voters to complete sign in ...
    1. Video Conference Equipment
    2. Video Conference EquipmentHTDZ Conference System can be connected to an automatic video tracking system. For video tracking purposes ...
    1. Fully Digital Conference System
    2. Fully Digital Conference SystemBased on digital control technologies, HT-9500 series fully digital conference system is flexible and reliable for any conference of mini/medium/large meeting.
About Haitian

Haitian Electronic Technology Company, is a China conference system manufacturer devoted to technological innovation and the research and development of IR wireless conference system, digital video conference system, and discussion conference system. However, to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, we also manufacture video tracking system, IR language distribution system, voting system, wireless microphone system, and a wide variety of conference system products. Our products are used for monitoring, command and dispatch systems, as well as inquiry systems for public security, firefighting, military, railway, aviation, and other fields. We offer customized products according to our clients' specific needs, as well as OEM service upon request.

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